Abounader Lab Environment

  • Main Lab Space
  • Main Lab Space
  • Main Lab Space
  • Tissue Culture Room
  • Office Space
  • Office Space
  • Freezer Room
  • Cold Room
  • Dark Room
Laboratory: Dr. Abounader’s main laboratory consists of ~ 1000 sq ft for molecular biology and biochemistry research use, with a separate tissue culture room (additional 280 sq ft) containing three laminar flow hoods one of which is designated for virus and radioactivity use and a separate dark room (additional 80 sq ft). Dr. Abounader has also access to the core microcopy and image analysis facility of the University of Virginia and other core instruments located on the same floor in the same building. He also has access to the UVA vivarium and Cancer Center core facilities which include flow cytometry, DNA synthesis and sequencing, pathology and tumor bank, bioinformatics and statistics, and small animal MRI.

Equipment: The Abounader Lab has, through direct ownership or through shared facilities with the Benjamin Purow Lab, access to: three fumes hoods, three Eppendorf microcentrifuges (one refrigerated), two large multipurpose centrifuges, two standard thermocyclers, one qPCR thermocycler, one -80 degree freezer, two -20 degree freezers, three 4 degree refrigerators, a 4 degree coldroom, two 37 degree incubators, one 37 degree bacterial incubator, one 71L and one 121L liquid nitrogen storage tank, an Amersham Imager 600 gel documentation system (GE), multiple power supplies and apparati for protein and nucleic acid gels, transfer apparati for protein blotting, a Nanodrop for nucleic acid quantification, an ELx808 Absorbance Microplate Reader, an Amersham Sciences Hybridization oven/shaker, two heating blocks, three water baths, and several shakers.

Access to Core Facilities:  All other equipment required for successful completion of the proposed research currently exists at the university in one of the 16 fee-for-service core facilities to which the Abounader Lab has discounted access. These include: several confocal microscopes, real-time PCR machines, DNA analyzers, flow cytometers, cryostats, and dissecting microscopes, vivarium, supercomputing and bioinformatic services, nucleic acid synthesis and sequencing and other.

Animals: The Abounader lab utilizes murine animal models for the advancement of its research.  Animals are housed and cared for by the vivarium of UVA located in the basement of the same building where the lab is located. The vivarium also contains room and facilities for animal surgery and other animal procedures.

Computer: Each member of the permanent lab staff has access to a personal computer.  All computers are have scientific and image analysis software and have cable access to the internet as well as to the UVA network that includes the library and other core facilities.

Office: Dr. Abounader has an office adjacent to his laboratory. Another large office is dedicated to the lab’s postdoctoral fellows, technicians and students
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