Welcome to the Abounader Lab! 
  • Pictured (from left to right): Sylwia Bednarek, Jiwoo Kim, Michelle Lai, Ying Zhang, Ulas Yener, Shekhar Saha, Roger Abounader, Collin Dube, Kadie Hudson, Elizabeth Mulcahy, Myron Gibert Jr
  • Pictured (from left to right):  Kadie Hudson, Shekhar Saha, Sylwia Bednarek, Ying Zhang, Ulas Yener, Collin Dube, Jiwoo Kim, Michelle Lai, Roger Abounader, Myron Gibert Jr, Elizabeth Mulcahy
Our research focuses on understanding the molecular basis of brain tumor and glioblastoma development and growth and on using the acquired knowledge to identify new therapeutic targets and develop new therapeutic approaches.
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